• Omni-Channel Retail Business. Simplified.

    Connected Sale brings fully integrated omni-channel retailing solutions to retail and eCommerce companies.

  • Next-Generation eCommerce.

    Create beautiful and smart websites that fully integrate with your retail store POS, in-store Kiosk, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and the rest of your sales channels.

  • Beyond Point of Sale.

    Connected Sale POS fully integrates with your web store and the rest of your sales channels. Stock levels are always accurate and financial data are instantly updated as you make a sale.

  • New Selling Experience.

    Connected Sale allows you to set up a Connected Kiosk in your store. The Connected Kiosk iOS app conveniently runs on an iPad and enables your customers to browse your entire inventory, locate items in your store and check out items online.

  • Multi-Channel Selling.

    Sell on Amazon, eBay or any of the supported online marketplaces. Our integrated application approach ensures that you always have accurate stock levels, financial data and reports.

  • Integrated Inventory Management

    Have one inventory for all your sales channels and seamlessly manage everything from one robust business solution

  • Complex Accounting. Simplified

    Automatically update all your financials as you make a sale from any of your selling channels.

  • Fully Automated Shipping

    Connected Sale reduces the steps required in processing shipments, reducing costs and increasing your earnings.

  • Visualize Your Performance.

    Everything you need to create beautiful and comprehensive business intelligence reports are all in one robust business intelligence module. Reports are up-to-the-second accurate, allowing you to make better informed decisions for your business.

Say Hello To Connected Sale

Provide one buying experience to your customers when they're shopping on your retail store, website, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Unlike separate systems that require costly integration, Connected Sale includes most commonly used business processes in one easy to use solution.

Retail + eCommerce + Back Office

Connected Sale is a complete omni-channel retailing solution designed to handle your store’s business processes from beginning to end, greatly increasing your operational efficiency and maximizing your profitability.

Store Pick Up
Allow your eCommerce customers to checkout items online and pick-up their items from a store location branch of their choice.

Loyalty Point Program
Reward your loyal customers with loyalty points that can be applied to all your different sales channels.Your financial data is automatically updated as well.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
Offer gift cards to your customers that can be used across all your sales channels. And because everything is fully integrated, your financial reports are automatically updated too.

Cross Sell and Upsell
Set up your related items for cross sell and upsell only once in the back office. Automatically works on all your sales channels.

For All the Ways you Sell
Connected Business fully integrates your website, POS, phone orders, Amazon, and other selling channels.

Inventory Allocation & Reservation
Reserve items from incoming item stocks to fulfill incoming orders for items you do not currently have in stock.

Omni-Channel Ready Point Of Sale

Achieve true omni-channel retailing by having a point of sale app that completely integrates with your online store and other selling channels.

Connected Sale POS allows you to sell your items from anywhere, whether you're in your retail store or in a flea market. Your inventory, financials, reports, back office, and other business data are updated in real-time as you make a sale.

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